Lab Test

Barbital Level


Effective August 1, 2017: This test is no longer performed by Beaumont Laboratory. If any requests are received, they will be processed for a reference lab as Miscellaneous Sendout Test.


Red-top tubes and Microtainers® may be stored at ambient temperatures for up to 16 hours and for up to 3 days at refrigerator temperatures (2o-8o C). DO NOT FREEZE TUBES CONTAINING BLOOD. For longer storage, the serum should be removed from the clot and refrigerated (2o-8oC) or frozen at -20oC or below.

Serum specimens (pour-overs) may be stored at room temperature (20o to 26oC; 68o to 79oF) for up to 1 week, refrigerator temperature (2o to 8oC; 36o to 47oF) for two weeks, and at -20oC (-4o F) for up to 3 months. Specimens stored at -70oC (-94o F) can be stored indefinitely.

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