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Beaumont Laboratory

Anatomic Pathology

Board-certified pathologists and cytogenomic PhD's perform routine diagnostics as well as a complete range of special procedures. We have board-certified subspecialist pathologists with expertise in dermatopathology, cytopathology, and neuropathology.


Advanced Diagnostics

The Molecular Pathology Laboratory is vitally important to the Surgical Pathology services offered by Beaumont Laboratory.  Patient care and treatment is directly affected by the ability to render a correct diagnosis in a timely manner. Learn more.


Providing high-quality chromosome analysis utilizing state-of-the-art cytogenetic techniques, the Cytogenomics Laboratory is a full service laboratory that performs analysis of amniotic fluid, chorionic villus, bone marrow, peripheral blood, fetal blood, solid tumors, and other tissues. Learn more.


The service prepares and evaluates cells from any anatomic site in order to diagnose pathologic conditions. The most common test performed in Cytology is the Pap TestLearn more.


Special diagnostic expertise with board-certified dermatopathologists devoted to the diagnosis of skin diseases, the pursuit of knowledge and the art of diagnostic dermatopathology. Learn more.

 Electron Microscopy

A technique involving a microscope that utilizes an electron beam to magnify tissue specimens under vacuum. Learn more.

Histology and Surgical Pathology

In addition to the routine staining procedure, there are multiple special stains available for the detections of microorganisms, carbohydrates, connective tissue, lipids, pigments, minerals, and diseases related to the central nervous system. Learn more.