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Beaumont Laboratory

Courier Service

The courier team at Beaumont Laboratory provides secure, reliable, and timely transport of the specimens with convenient daily delivery schedules as well as STAT services for the surrounding metropolitan Detroit area.

Beaumont Laboratory Couriers within a 35 mile radius of a Beaumont hospital campus will:

  • pick up routine and STAT specimens throughout the day
  • deliver printed reports in the morning (if required)
  • deliver ordered supplies.

STAT Testing Requests

STAT testing is performed only on tests that are on the approved STAT Test List. When you call for a STAT pick up the customer service agent will need the following information:

  • your account number
  • verification of office location
  • caller's name
  • patient’s name
  • tests which are being ordered STAT.

The customer service agent will provide a pickup confirmation number.

Beaumont Laboratory has the expectation that STAT testing is completed within 4 hours from the time the call for specimen pick up is made until the result is communicated to the physician.. Please make the call after the specimen is prepared and ready for pick up. All STAT testing results are called to the ordering physician.

Courier Hours

Monday through Friday: Routine and STAT service: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturday: Routine and STAT service: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday: Routine and STAT service: 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Holidays: No routine customer pickups are scheduled on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

If a holiday pick up is needed please schedule a Will Call pickup by contacting Customer Service. Holiday/STAT pickups are available from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Preparing Samples for Pickup: Packaging, Transportation and Tracking

Each patient’s samples must be packaged in a separate specimen bag. Each bag has an external pocket for the requisition. Specimens should be placed in the sealable portion of the specimen bag with the requisition in the outside pocket. Please fold the requisition so the barcode is visible. This barcode is how the specimens are tracked to the laboratory.

Upon pickup, the courier will scan the barcode so the date and time are recorded. The barcoding system is an important part of our tracking protocol, in order to know exactly where your samples are at all times. When the courier returns to the laboratory, all of the samples will be scanned again to ensure that everything picked up has arrived back in the laboratory.

Samples can leak. Therefore, it is imperative that the requisition forms be placed in the outside pocket of the specimen bag to avoid potential damage and contamination.

All frozen samples must be in their own bag with the requisition so the courier can maintain specimen temperature.

Specimen Storage Temperature

To ensure the highest quality results each specimen should be stored at the appropriate temperature during transport. Transportation temperature information is available in the Lab Test Directory.

Frozen specimens require special attention to ensure they do not thaw.

  • Tests that require a frozen specimen need to be packaged separately with a unique requisition.
  • If the frozen specimen being submitted has been poured over, please label the sample as either “plasma” or “serum.”
  • Frozen containers are available that will allow the sample to stay frozen in the drop box. However, samples must be completely frozen for the frozen specimen container to be fully effective. Frozen specimen containers should be kept in your freezer until use.
  • When frozen samples are put in a lock box, please use a frozen specimen container from the freezer. Place the tube inside the container and rubber band the requisition to the container. It can then be placed it in the drop box. The courier will leave the container for you to put back in your freezer.
  • In extreme temperature conditions or when the specimen is placed in your lock box for an extended period of time, please notify transportation so that we can make the appropriate arrangements to pick up the specimen. 

Transporting Fresh Tissue Samples

These samples require special handling. Please call Customer Service to notify the Laboratory that you have a fresh tissue specimen for STAT pick up. Fresh tissue should be transported in a sterile container with "Fresh Tissue" clearly marked “Fresh Tissue” on the container.

When Your Courier Arrives

Your courier is linked to Beaumont Laboratory by a Handheld PDA Device equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) and Mobile radio. Whether a routine or will call pickup, specimens should be prepared for transport in anticipation of the courier’s arrival. Using their handheld mobile GPS device, your courier will scan each requisition and record the type of specimens associated with the order. This information allows Beaumont Laboratory to track your specimens from the moment of pick up in your office to the time when testing is completed.

Lock Boxes and Yellow Flags

If your office is closed when the courier arrives the samples will be picked up from the lock box. If the office is closed and the drop box is empty, the courier will leave a yellow flag on the box stating the date and time that they were there.

If there is a flag on your box dated for the current day, and you have specimens that need to be transported to the laboratory, please call Customer Service (800-551-0488, Option 1) to schedule the courier to return to your location to pick up the specimens.

All calls to the laboratory for a pickup will be given a confirmation number with a date and time. We recommend that you log that information in your records.

Missed Pickups

If you have specimens that were not picked up in your lock box from the previous day or you have specimens you have forgotten to put in the lock box, please call Customer Service for a STAT pickup. Specimens that are not delivered to the laboratory in a timely fashion may not be viable for testing. A technical expert will review all late arrivals to evaluate specimens for testing.

What type of pickup do you have?

Routine Pickup

A routine pick up is scheduled based on your office hours and specialized needs. The Beaumont Laboratory Courier Department works directly with you to ensure timely pickup of specimens. This may include multiple daily pickups based on volume and office hours.

Will Call

Clients that do not have specimens for Beaumont Laboratory on a daily basis should call Customer Service in order to schedule a pick up as needed.

How to Schedule a Pick Up

To schedule a pick up call Customer Service at 800-551-0488, Option 1.  Please have specimens ready for pick up when calling to schedule.

Courier Service Area

Beaumont Laboratory’s Courier Staff provides laboratory pick up and delivery services for hospitals, clinics, and physician offices within a 35 mile radius of a Beaumont Hospital campus.  If your location is outside the Courier Service area please refer to our Shipping page for instructions on how to properly ship specimens to the Laboratory. If you need help determining your service area please call 800-551-0488, Option 1.