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Beaumont Laboratory

Michigan Physicians

Laboratory Services for Michigan Physicians

Thank you for choosing Beaumont Laboratory for your laboratory testing. Our easily accessible, collaborative, and patient-centered pathologists are highly specialized, so we understand the critical components of patient testing from a primary care physician’s needs to the dynamic environment of hospital based testing.  The multi-disciplined, Board-Certified Medical Directors are available for pre- and post-test consultations, to communicate directly with hospitals, medical centers, physicians and other health care professionals concerning:

  • strategic test utilization of the most informative and cost-effective tests
  • interpretation and prognostic significance of results
  • recommendation for further testing
  • if necessary, genetic counseling of the patient or family members.

About Integrating with Your EMR

Beaumont Laboratory not only provides timesaving office efficiencies, but may also satisfy meaningful use requirements including capture of electronic laboratory result data.  Beaumont Laboratory, Michigan Health Connect, and our technology has developed an interface that will help with quick EMR integration, including orders and results, eliminating many of the traditional EMR challenges.

Labworks Beaumont Lab Ordering System

Beaumont Labworks is an on-line application connecting physicians, hospitals, medical centers, and clinical facilities to Beaumont Laboratory. With the connectivity of the Web, Beaumont Labworks provides an efficient ordering, tracking, and reporting system that can be used for:

  • ordering laboratory tests
  • printing laboratory results for patients
  • printing batch sheets and specimen labels.

For any questions or assistance in ordering tests, please call Customer Service at 800-551-0488 or you can refer to our Ordering Your First Test page.