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Acid Phosphatase, Total

Total Acid Phosphatase, Serum , ARUP #20544, Antrim #83063, EPIC: LAB5924, SOFT: XAPT

Specimen Collection Criteria

Collect (preferred specimen): One plain Red-top tube.
Also acceptable: One Gold-top SST tube.

  • Send specimen for processing immediately after collection.
  • Separate samples must be submitted when multiple tests are ordered.

Physician Office/Drawsite Specimen Preparation

Critical frozen. Let specimen clot 30-60 minutes then immediately centrifuge to separate serum from cells. Transport serum to a plastic transport tube and freeze (-20°C/-4°F or below) immediately.

Preparation for Courier Transport

Transport: 1.5 mL serum, frozen (-20°C/-4°F or below). (Min: 0.5 mL)

Rejection Criteria

  • Hemolyzed specimens.
  • Specimens not collected and processed as indicated. 


Refrigerated: 8 hours
Frozen: 30 days


Sunday - Saturday.
Results available in 2-3 days.

Reference Range

0.0-4.3 U/L.

Test Methodology

Quantitative Enzymatic.


Acid phosphatase is present in several tissues including prostate, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, bone, liver, spleen and kidney. Increased serum levels may be found in prostatic adenocarcinoma, especially when it extends from the gland or has metastasized. Levels may also be increased in certain bone diseases (e.g., metastatic tumors, Paget's disease, Gaucher disease, Niemann-Pick disease and hairy cell leukemia. Levels are increased in hemolysis. Thus, hemolyzed samples are not acceptable.

Clinical Utility

Acid phosphatase together with prostatic acid phosphatase are most commonly used in the diagnosis and monitoring of prostatic adenocarcinoma. However, PSA is much more commonly used for this purpose. An increased level of non-prostatic acid phosphatase may very occasionally be helpful in diagnosis of the non-prostatic conditions described above.

CPT Code


Test Codes

ARUP #20544, Antrim #83063, EPIC: LAB5924, SOFT: XAPT

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