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Beaumont Laboratory

Ordering Your First Test

Please follow the instructions below when ordering your first test:

Step 1: Select the appropriate test/tests from the Laboratory Test Directory to locate specimen requirements.

Step 2: Download the Client Request Form.

Step 3: Complete the form and fax to Client Services at 248-551-2783 or email the completed form.

Step 4: Package and ship the specimen (refer to Shipping Information for additional details).

Step 5: Contact Customer Service - if you are not currently set up with an account, please call Customer Service at 800-551-0488 in the United States and Canada.

Please note that you must obtain an account number before submitting specimens or submitting online orders through Beaumont Labworks. Thank you for choosing Beaumont Laboratory.

Labworks Beaumont Lab Ordering System

For any questions or assistance in ordering tests in the United States or Canada, please call Customer Service at 800-551-0488.