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Help & Support

Help is available 24/7 with specimen collection, test ordering (online or manual), and shipping information. Our Customer Service at 800-551-0488 provides personalized and timely service and is staffed 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

For additional information on test selection, recommendations for further testing, result interpretation and requests related to consultation, please call Customer Service at 800-551-0488 to reach one of our medical staff 24/7.

Thank you for choosing Beaumont Laboratory for your laboratory testing. Our easily accessible, collaborative and patient-centered pathologists are highly specialized, so they understand the critical components of patient testing from a primary care physician’s needs to the dynamic environment of hospital based testing. The multi-disciplined, Board-Certified Medical Directors are available for pre- and post- test consultations to communicate directly with hospitals, medical centers, physicians and other health care professionals concerning:

  • strategic test utilization of the most informative and cost-effective tests
  • interpretation and prognostic significance of results
  • recommendation for further testing
  • if necessary, genetic counseling of the patient or family members.
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