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Beaumont Laboratory

Histology and Surgical Pathology

Pathologists Assistants evaluate and gross each specimen into approximately 700 cassettes per day. Each cassette is then embedded into paraffin blocks and tissue sections are cut from the blocks, placed onto glass slides, stained with a routine staining procedure (hematoxylin & eosin stains), and given to the pathologist. The pathologist will view the slides under a microscope and make a diagnosis. In addition to the routine staining procedure there are multiple special stains available for the detections of microorganisms, carbohydrates, connective tissue, lipids, pigments, minerals, and diseases related to the central nervous system. Muscle and kidney biopsies are routinely processed in Histology, which is a technique not offered at most institutions. The Laboratory also processes bone marrow biopsies for Hematology, including routine and special staining procedures. In addition the Histology/Surgical Pathology Laboratory also processes and stains skin biopsies for dermatologists who prefer to view and render a diagnosis on the biopsies they procure.

Histology/Surgical Pathology supports hospital services by providing a 24 hour turn around time for diagnosing all routine surgical specimens. In addition this Laboratory offers frozen section diagnoses to assist surgeons during surgery.