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Expert Diagnostic Interpretation and Clinical Scientific Experts

The department provides you with a broad scope of consultative and diagnostic services. Beaumont Laboratory has assembled many highly regarded pathologists trained at premier institutions throughout the country. Our team includes pathologists who are board certified in hematopathology, cytopathology, neuropathology, pediatric pathology, dermatopathology, surgical pathology, molecular pathology, and molecular genetic pathology.

Our pathologists are easily accessible, collaborative, and patient-centered. They are highly specialized and understand the critical components of patient testing, from the physician's needs to the dynamic environment of hospital-based testing. The multidisciplinary, board-certified medical directors are available for pre- and post-test consultations, to speak directly with physicians and other health care professionals about:

  • strategic test utilization of the most informative and cost-effective tests
  • interpretation and prognostics significance of results
  • recommendation for further testing and/or genetic counseling of the patient or family members.

To learn more about our free quarterly dermatopathology educational conference series, please click here.

The Beaumont Laboratory offers a comprehensive dermatopathology service staffed by board-certified dermatopathologists who devote 100 percent of their time and expertise to the diagnosis of skin diseases. Complete on-site dermatopathology diagnostic services include:

  • Histology and routine light microscopy
  • Extensive special stain and immunohistochemical panels
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Flow Cytometry and gene rearranement studies for diagnosis for lymphoproliferative lesions
  • Electron microscopy
  • Microbiology.

Our board-certified dermatopathologists have more than 70 years combined experience and devote all of their time to the practice of diagnostic dermatopathology. In addition, they remain active in scholarly and research activities, helping them stay current in medical advances and breakthroughs. Our experts are available to consult on soft tissue and hematopoietic neoplasms, infectious diseases, and other systemic diseases that may affect the skin. They provide personal service with processing and interpretation of routine dermatopathologic specimens within 24 to 48 hours. Our expertise includes diagnosis of:

  • broad range of complex dermatoses
  • diseases of the
    • hair (alopecia)
    • male and female genital skin
    • nails
    • eyelids
  • infectious diseases
  • lymphoproliferative disorders
  • melanocytic lesions
  • non-melanocytic skin tumors
  • oral pathology
  • soft tissue pathology.

Turn Around Time

  • Rapid processing and interpretation of routine dermatopathologic specimens (24 to 48 hours).
  • STAT/rush processing available, with some rush biopsies completed the same day.

Comprehensive Service

  • Free specimen bottles, requisition forms, mailing supplies, and transport media.
  • Free priority shipping of specimens.
  • Participation in most insurance plans.
  • EMR interfacing.
  • Reports delivered by courier or faxed daily.
  • Faxed reports of melanoma and other uncommon malignancies.
  • Physician to physician call when diagnosis in unexpected.
  • Slide preparation only is available on request.
  • A full clinical laboratory is available for all work to be done in one place.

We routinely share cases to improve our accuracy and ensure high quality. Daily diagnosis reviews ensure correctness before patient treatment recommendations. Communication is used to collaborate and continually learn. Staff features include:

  • more than 70 years of combined dermatopathology experience.
  • knowledgeable about other laboratory testing.
  • a personalized consultative approach, which includes analyzing patients additional clinical pathology laboratory tests in conjunction with histologic examination.
  • available with easy access to address questions or issues.
  • beneficial in systemic diseases involving skin.

Beaumont Laboratory is part of a large health system providing exceptional research and multidisciplinary learning opportunities. Our dermatopathologists' experience is earned through a total commitment to continually learn and teach. They are active academically and professionally, including:

  • resident education and training
  • medical school teaching
  • research, presentations, and publications
  • membership in professional organizations.

Rajwant K. Malhorta, M.D. Professor of Pathology, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine | Board certified in dermatopathology in 1987 | Joined Beaumont's staff in 2001 | Formerly professor of Pathology and Dermatopathology at University of Massachusetts, Worcester | Dermatopathology fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine.

Ali-Reza Armin, M.D. Chief, Surgical Pathology | Professor, Pathology, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine | Board certified in dermatopathology in 1982 | Joined Beaumont's staff in 1988 | Formerly associate director of Anatomic Pathology, chief of Surgical Pathology and division head of Dermatopathology at Loyola University Hospital.

Alison F. Uzieblo, M.D. Associate Professor, Pathology, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine | Board certified in dermatopathology in 2005 | Joined Beaumont's staff in 2004 | Surgical pathology fellowship at Barnes Jewish Hospital | Dermatopathology fellowship at Stanford University.

Michelle R. Young, M.D. Associate Professor, Pathology, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine | Board certified in dermatopathology in 2010 | Joined Beaumont's staff in 2010 | Dermatopathology fellowship at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

Manual Orders

Manual orders are available for clients who are not configured to submit online orders, or clients who normally use paper forms. Please call Customer Service at 800-551-0488 for a complete list of requisitions.

Beaumont Labworks Online Ordering

Beaumont Labworks is an online application to connect to Beaumont Laboratory. Labworks provides an efficient ordering and reporting system, and provides 24 hours access to results. If you are not currently set up with an account, please call Customer Service at 800-551-0488.

Customer Service

Help is available with specimen collection, test ordering (online or manual), and shipping information. Our Customer Service team provides personalized and timely service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For additional information on test selection, recommendations for further testing, result interpretation, and requests related to consultation, please call Customer Service at 800-551-0488 to reach one of our team members.

Our commitment to you is that we will provide timely, accurate, and complete diagnostic information, for the optimal care of your patients. The Beaumont Laboratory team will be available to you at all times to answer questions or concerns, or to address matters of urgency.

Our goal is to:

  • provide answers to your questions the first call
  • provide critical results within 50 minutes of completing results
  • answer client calls within 20 seconds, with an average time of 15 seconds.

Dermatopathology Contact Information

Rajwant K. Malhotra, M.D. 248-898-9072 | rmalhotra@beaumont.edu
Ali-Reza Armin, M.D.
 248-898-9066 | aarmin@beaumont.edu
Alison F. Uzieblo, M.D.
 248-898-5125 | auzieblo@beaumont.edu
Michelle R. Young, M.D.
248-898-1277 | mryoung@beaumont.edu