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Beaumont Laboratory

Beaumont Labworks Training

Labworks is a web-based system used to connect your clinical facilities to Beaumont Laboratory. This system provides user an online method of placing laboratory orders, entering and tracking patient information, receiving patient laboratory reports and printing those reports in both individual and cumulative formats.

Three training modules are available for clients to become familiar with Beaumont Labworks' features and process.

Labworks General Training

Training modules 1 and 2 are applicable to all Labworks clients.

Beaumont Labworks Training Module 1

  • Logging in
  • Locate a patient record
  • Place a test order
  • Print requisitions and labels

Beaumont Labworks Training Module 2

  • Entering new patients in Labworks
  • Viewing/printing lab reports
  • Adding an insurance provider

Electronic Inbound (PCR) Order Specifics 

Beaumont Labworks Training Module 3

  • Finding/acquiring a patient from Patient Centric Repository (PCR)
  • Improvements to placing orders
  • Maintaining patient files accurately

Labworks Quick Reference Guide (Downloadable)

Labworks with PCR

Labworks without Electronic Ordering

Beaumont LabworksBeaumont Labworks uses the web to connect laboratories, hospitals and clinical facilities to the Beaumont Laboratory. With the connectivity of the Web, Beaumont Labworks provides an efficient ordering, tracking, and reporting system that can be used for:

  • ordering laboratory tests
  • printing laboratory results for patients
  • printing batch sheets and specimen labels